Personal Logo - The Process

These are the two varieties of my current logo (each used when most appropriate and fitting for the rest of the design). They both feature two K letters (Kamil Konrad) and both utilize quite a bold and clear font. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with how they came out; however, they weren’t my first attempt at creating a logo/branding for myself.

This is my old logo. Why did I want to change it?

– It looked too formal.

– I didn’t feel like it fit or represented my brand very well.

– Not enough personality.

– Not very recognizable when shrunk down.

– Looks like a logo that would be more fitting for e.g., a book publisher.

How I Fixed This Problem:

After recognizing the problem, I began working on a brand-new logo/branding that would do a better job at representing me and what I do. These were the few initial Ideas I came up with:

Unfortunately, after looking at these Ideas, something still didn’t feel right and I ended up not feeling very strong about any of them. That said, I did see some potential in the form factor of the “K2” logo, and I figured that it could be a great start. After a while, I finally came to realize what I wanted my logo to look like and what would be a great fit, and that was inspired by the great logos of Japanese arcade games from the 90s and early 2000s.  I always found that they had great appeal and an undeniable, big amount of energy to them. Here’s some that I found particularly inspiring:

Here’s my twitter banner which incorporates my logo.