"Storm Hype" Logo Designs

These are the four logo designs that I made for a Polish online streetwear clothing outlet called “STORM HYPE”. The idea was to create a bold, minimalistic, modern and stylized logo that bears similarities to the kind of logo designs found on the clothing sold in the shop (e.g., brands like Stussy, Nike, Supreme, Thrasher, Bape etc.). This project required an extremely quick turnaround with not much communication with the client since I had to communicate with them through a mutual friend.

The first thing I did while working on this project was creating the storm symbol prominently featured in all four logos. The main reason for incorporating this symbol was to add a healthy amount of personality to all the designs and in result make them more appealing while still retaining a professional look. I did what I could with the very limited time that I was provided with and considering all that I’m still quite satisfied with the final result.