"POWER! - Episode 1" Logo Redesign

This is the logo that I created for “POWER! – Episode 1” which was a Visual Novel project, originally a comic book. The story takes place in a distant future of 2045 in a North American town that suffered from a nuclear accident. Because of that, a significant section of land was separated from the rest of the world using a half-dome, impenetrable to the public. I wanted to incorporate that visual from the story into the logo so that it can convey more than just the name of the story. This logo was actually a recent redesign, as I wasn’t quite satisfied with the logo, I created a few years ago, when “POWER!” was still a comic book/concept.

This is the old logo.

This is the old logo that I designed for “POWER!”. After looking at it a few years later, I was not very happy with it anymore and didn’t think it accurately fit the tone of the story nor the overall concept of “POWER!”. This is why I felt like I had to redesign it and I came up with the current logo that you can see on the top of the page. I’m much, much happier with the current logo as it more accurately represents the kind of logo that I wanted to create from the very start of the project.

Story illustration from the game with the game’s logo on it.