"KONBO Kat - Shmup" Enamel Pin Design

Here is the second design as part of the commission for “Konbo Arcade Cafe” featuring their mascot “Konbo Kat” in a tiny spaceship shooting projectiles, reminiscent of old arcade “Shoot-Em-Up” games, or more commonly referred to as “Shmups”. This design was going to be used for merchandising, being sold as an enamel pin at the “Konbo Arcade Cafe” location as well as their website. Unfortunately, the design went unused, as “Konbo” ended up closing its doors at the end of January 2020. All that remains is this product mockup featuring a “Kombo Kat” logo that I’ve also designed.

(“Konbo Kat” Original Character Design by Michael Cox (@konboarcadecafe) 2019)