Design Work for Kolejkowo

Kolejkowo is the biggest model/miniature exhibition in Poland, featuring several giant mockups of real-life locations from the Górny and Dolny Śląsk voivodships. I worked for them as a full-time Graphic Designer for just over a year, and during my time there, I’ve worked on over 50 projects in total. This includes stuff like the advertisements for their limited-time, themed exhibitions, like “The City of Sand” and “Gingerbread Town”, designing merchandise for their gift shop, and many others.

Here are some highlights:

Kolejkowo Gift Shop Wallpaper

Here is one of the biggest projects that I’ve designed while working for Kolejkowo, the gift shop wallpaper. The final graphic is over 11 meters long and features many key locations featured in the exhibitions, as well as several other familiar elements. The graphic uses a stripped-back, muted color scheme, as it’s not meant to distract the visitors, but rather be more of a background piece.

Miasto z Piasku (The City of Sand)

Here are some of the designs I’ve created for one of Kolejkowo’s themed exhibitions, “Miasto z Piasku” (“The City of Sand”), mainly used for print advertisements.

Miasto z Piernika (Gingerbread City)

Here are some of the designs I’ve created for one of Kolejkowo’s themed exhibitions, “Miasto z Piasku” (“Gingerbread City”), mainly used for print advertisements.

Miasto z Klocków (The City of Blocks)

Here are some of the designs I’ve created for one of Kolejkowo’s themed exhibitions, “Miasto z Klocków” ( “City of Bricks”), mainly used for print advertisements.

Locomotive/Railroad Car/Tenement Paper Models + Playmat

Here is a project that I’ve made for one of Kolejkowo’s workshops. During these workshops, large groups of young children get to put together paper models of locomotives, railroad cars and tenement houses. Before the model is assembled, some separate elements need to be cut out and stuck behind the model, like the tenement windows, etc. After assembling the model, the children get to further decorate the paper models by coloring in certain sections and using stickers. Finally, after the models are fully made, they are then placed on a playmat, after which everyone gathers together for a commemorative photo.

Product Designs

Here are some of the products that I’ve designed for Kolejkowo’s gift shop, which include a hat, a calendar, a lanyard, a mug, and a pin.

Office Window Graphic

Here is a window graphic that I’ve designed for our office, located in Wrocław’s Sky Tower. The final graphic is nearly measured at 7×3 meters and is meant to resemble a side view of a railroad car.

Stickers for Interactive Mockups

Here are some sticker designs that are meant to encourage visitors to press special buttons which activate interactive mockups. Once activated, they will begin to move and in most cases also make sounds. The stickers not only help visitors by letting them know that there is something that they can interact with but also lets them know what to look out for, as the designs present on the stickers show a hint of what’s to come.


Here are some miscellaneous projects, which include things like one-off posters, menu design for the cafeteria, map design, etc.